When is the Best Time to Measure Your Blood Pressure? - South Arkansas Sun

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, requires regular blood pressure checks

The most appropriate time to get your blood pressure checked depends on a few factors. These include your daily routine, schedule, convenience, the time of the day

Your blood pressure keeps changing throughout the day. It follows the circadian rhythmic cycle, so your blood pressure is at its peak in the morning

Blood pressure measurements include two types of numbers. The top one is the systolic number, and the bottom is the diastolic number

If your device says 120/80 mm Hg blood pressure, this means "120 over 80". The blood pressure readings are divided into five categories

A study found that home blood pressure monitoring gives similar blood pressure measurements as a 24-hour ambulatory monitor

Your doctor may recommend you to do home blood pressure tests to see if a blood-pressure regulating drug is working on you or not

It's important to realize that home blood pressure monitoring isn't a complete substitute for in-office checkups

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