What Is the Carnivore Diet? - South Arkansas Sun

This diet is made up of all animal foods: overall, this means meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. The strictest version is simply meat, salt, and water.

This diet tends to emphasize meat from grass-fed animals and it also focuses on eating all parts of the animal, so it’s much more than just typical muscle meat.

On a Carnivore Diet, you’ll be able to choose from: – Fatty cuts of meat, like bacon, ribeye steak – Organ meats – Added fats like bacon grease, lard,more

Proponents of this diet, like orthopedic surgeon Shawn Baker, MD, recommend it for diabetes and blood sugar problems, high blood pressure, gut issues, joint pain, hormone imbalances, and even mental health conditions.

The Carnivore Diet can be used as an elimination diet. By eating all meat, you’re automatically avoiding a lot of food groups. You’re automatically eating: – Gluten-free – Grain-free ad more

You can mix up your fats to make meals more interesting. Below you can learn how to render your own tallow or flavor your butter—if you’re including herbs.

There are a few things to be aware of if you want to try this diet. The first thing is that this diet is usually only recommended for the short term.

The main thing is to make this diet work for you. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. You can start with just meat, salt, and water for 30 days if you’d like.

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