Gray Hair Facts: What to Know to Look Your Best - South Arkansas Sun

An allergic reaction is the body's response to a usually harmless substance, or allergen, that triggers the immune system to overreact. Histamine, a chemical produced in the body, is part of the immune system.

Aging is a major factor in developing gray hair. Many people will start to notice gray hair in their 30s or 40s, although it’s possible to get gray hair before then, most often due to genetics.

Take a look at your parents and grandparents. The age at which their hair went gray has a big influence on when you’ll go gray.

Here’s another good reason to eat a well-rounded, healthy diet. Some nutritional deficiencies are associated with gray hair

Can you blame your gray hair on a crazy work schedule, screaming kids or family drama? Maybe. Psychological stress can contribute to oxidative stress in the body.

Here’s another reason to stop lighting up: Smoking can make gray hair worse by causing the inactivation of essential pigment-producing genes, Zarraga explains.

If you have gray hair, consider a few ideas that may help you cope

Certain diseases are associated with developing gray hair sooner rather than later.