2 ways to free up drive space in Windows 11 - South Arkansas Sun

There are plenty of factors that can affect the performance of a computer, one of them being the amount of drive space available.

How to use Windows 11’s Disk Cleanup tool 1. Open Disk Cleanup by searching Windows. This programme should be preinstalled. 2. Select the drive from the options. First-time users should run the application on Drive C: or the primary disc.

3. Click "OK" and wait for Windows 11 to scan your files for safe deletions. Windows displays eligible objects after loading. Disk Cleanup will pre-select safe-to-delete things. 4. Delete other items. As you pick or deselect objects, storage space gains alter.

5. Click “Ok” and wait for the cleanup tool to load. Now you have automatically deleted some files thus freeing up some drive space. 6. Click "Clean up system files" in step 5's window to scan for deleteable system files. Repeat steps 5 and 6.

How to free space with your storage settings 1. First, open the Storage Settings using Windows’s search function. You can also use Windows’s Settings under System > Storage.

2. Once in the Storage Settings window, scroll down to the Storage management section and click “Cleanup recommendations.” You will be redirected to the Cleanup recommendations page.

3. Scan Windows for unwanted files. Once done, it separates the files into "Temporary files," "Large or unused files," "Cloud-synced files," and "Unused programmes." Delete files from each section. Choose Downloads and Recycle Bin carefully. Windows deletes chosen files.

5. Select “Clean up” for each section after you choose the files or file groups to be deleted.

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