5 Tricks To Make Sure You Never Miss a Bill Deadline Again - South Arkansas Sun

The biggest chunk of your FICO score goes to your payment history — a single missed payment will sink your credit score fast. Why? Because you can tell everything about a person by whether or not they pay their bills on time.

Make Your Robot Earn Its Keep Whether it’s Alexa, Siri, Cortana or the oh-so-imaginatively named Google Assistant, you probably spend a good portion of your day talking to a robot — and that can be your first line of defense for paying your bills on time.

Use Autopay Most recurring bills come with the option of autopay, which makes sense for predictable payments. “If they don’t change much from month to month, it’s a good idea to use this,” Ramhold said.

Never Underestimate the Power of Getting Into a Routine If you’re on the ball, paying your bills shouldn’t be a time of the month that you dread — but it should be a time of the month that you can predict.

Corral It All Under One Roof If you're not organised, you'll miss a bill payment whether you automate or not. It doesn't matter if you use a spreadsheet, a dry-erase board, or an app like Mint.

“Keeping track of all your bills and due dates is a must to ensure you’re making payments on time,” Ramhold said.

Don’t Wait Until the Due Date However you pay your bills, strive to pay them early to give room for error to yourself, the company you’re paying and the technology that facilitates the transaction.

“A few days can make a big difference,” Ramhold said. Giving yourself a little additional time to make payments will assist guarantee things go well and you don't incur late fees or miss payments.

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