5 Tips to Save More Money this Year - South Arkansas Sun

That may not be completely true, but looking at your expenses and budget from last year might have you thinking that it's time to save more money this year

During your fresh start, keep these tips in mind to cushion your savings:

1. Set a savings goal. Set a savings goal for next year. From there, you can specify monthly increments as you approach the goal.

2. Plan how you'll save money. Money-saving strategies abound. You should do what makes sense.

3. Set mini-monthly goals. Set a monthly objective. This is easier than rushing ahead without a plan.

4. Invest the new money. As you save money, put it somewhere safe and profitable (so not under your mattress).

5. Stay strong and track your progress. Sticking to your savings goal can be hard, especially in the beginning.

As you create your savings strategy, keep these five tips in mind to meet and exceed your super saver goals!

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