Three Serious Health Conditions, Light at bedroom could Increase your risk - South Arkansas Sun

Influenced by the natural transitions between night and day, our body is greatly affected by light

Because darkness triggers chemical reactions within the body designed to promote relaxation, being exposed to light during nighttime

light exposure during the course of the night may be associated with an increased risk for certain health conditions in older adults

For one week, the study team tracked the sleep patterns of 552 participants ages 63 to 84, including levels of light exposure in their bedrooms

"More than 53% or so had some light during the night in the room," senior study author Phyllis Zee told CNN

While the exact nature of the relationship is unclear, some experts suggest that the link between overnight light exposure

To help ensure a healthy night's sleep, the study researchers suggest keeping light levels low through the use of blackout shades or an eye mask

For older adults who may wake up periodically during the course of the night, some degree of light exposure may be necessary to reduce the risk of fall

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