symptoms and causes of depression - South Arkansas Sun

Symptoms – Feeling sad, hopeless or despondent. A loss of pleasure or interest in things you once enjoyed

Sleep disturbances – such as insomnia or sleeping too much A loss of energy or fatigue

– Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. Feelings of guilt or worthlessness

Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight gain, or a noticeable decrease or increase in appetite

Difficulty concentrating – Agitation or restlessness. Depression is often accompanied by anxiety as well, requiring individuals to manage both at the same time

Causes Studies indicate that a number of different genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors can raise a person’s risk for developing depression.

As outlined by the National Institute of Mental Health, these can include having a personal or family history of depression

These include drugs prescribed for everything from controlling high blood pressure to treating asthma to helping with smoking cessation.

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