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SLEEP is increasingly being recognised as the cornerstone for health

But 36 per cent of adults struggle to get enough at least once a week, and nearly one in five have trouble nodding off every night

Conventional wisdom recommends about eight hours’ sleep a night but the average person will get little more than six and a half hours

Just over a third of the population get by on only five to six hours a night and almost half report being kept awake by stress or worry

Now Nick Little-Hales, who has been hailed as the world’s first ever sleep coach, says daytime power naps are key to health.

These can help with recovery and rejuvenation, improve mood, memory and creativity, boost the immune system

Nick told Sun on Sunday Health: “Don’t think of daytime sleepers as lazy — if you don’t snooze, you’ll lose.

It can be 10, 15 or 30 minutes and will raise alertness and awareness, as well as en­hance your performance

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