Save your retirement portfolio in a bear market by this Warren Buffett advice - South Arkansas Sun

It's never a bad idea to follow advice from Warren Buffett

The billionaire investor, nicknamed the Oracle of Omaha, has a wealth of knowledge and advice out there for people willing to listen

His annual meetings and shareholder letters offer significant insight into how best to approach investing based on market conditions

Investors who have incurred losses on a stock may consider themselves to be in a hole. The deeper the loss, the deeper the hole

If a stock isn't performing well, the best option may simply be to sell your shares and look at other stocks instead

Generally, Buffett isn't opposed to buying a good stock that has fallen in value, but the problem is when it's a risky buy (like Moderna is)

In that situation, you could in effect be digging a deeper hole for yourself if the stock may not have strong prospects of recovering

If you've lost big on an investment, he says, "The most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging."

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