What to Research About Online U.S. Universities - South Arkansas Sun

Choosing a U.S. online university is the initial step for many international students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Choosing an online degree can lead to questions about finding the proper match.

Reputation “Often, premier schools with a solid reputation and tradition have also built careful and purposeful online extensions and pathways,” Cummings says.

Accreditation International students should verify school websites to ensure an online college is accredited, which implies it meets U.S. educational standards.

Cost The price tag of an online university should be considered, including how the cost compares to attending a brick-and-mortar school.

Acceptance of Online Degree at Home International students should also research whether their home-country government accepts online degrees and considers a specific program valid, experts say.

Job Placement Employment is another important factor when considering attending a degree program at an online university.

Student Services and Support It's also important to research an online school's level of support for international students and online students, such as counseling, tutoring, career resources and tech support.

"With over 4,000 students, they are sure to find others with similar interests."

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