Life-Threatening, Removing nose hairs could prove threat for you - South Arkansas Sun

HAIR removal has become more and more extreme in modern day

Nose waxing involves inserting an applicator with wax into the nostril, and leaving it there to harden

Then, when ripping the applicator out, it brings tufts of hair with it. Men are more likely to have hair sprouting from their nose.

You can't blame someone for wanting to keep their nose hair tidy, especially if there is an excess amount

However, a doctor has warned against this latest beauty trend and why you should never pull nose hair out from the root

"You have microscopic cilia, these filter mucus and send it to the back of the throat where it ends up in the stomach

"If you pluck these big boys, germs around the folicle can get inside causing infection."

"So if the germs end up back there in the brain, it can cause inflammation of the brain, sometimes resulting in brain abscesses."

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