Heart Failure: Reducing stroke risk in children with severe heart failure - South Arkansas Sun

Hospitals are teaming up to improve outcomes in kids who need mechanical heart pumps

Children who experience severe heart failure, including those waiting for a heart transplant, often need a mechanical heart pump

While this surgically implanted ventricular assist device, or VAD, is necessary, it comes with the risk of causing a blood clot

But a group of clinicians, researchers, and parents from across the country have been working together to reduce stroke risk

Pediatric heart failure is a very serious, life-threatening condition that has been under resourced and gone years without proven therapies

Leaders in the field have come together to improve outcomes for these children, recently making it a top priority to reduce stroke risk

Forty-five children with an implanted device in the study, or 11%, experienced at least one stroke

Peng noted that about one in four children on a heart transplant waiting list will require a VAD.

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