Benefits Of Waking Up Early: A Ultimate Guide - South Arkansas Sun

1. Better Grades According to studies done within the US and Europe concerning university students, those who rose earlier in the morning scored significantly higher on exams, and consistently kept a higher average GPA than their night owl counterparts

2. Positive Outlook Generally if you are a night owl those morning people generally annoy you to no end. Their perky, chattering, occasionally singing selves need to understand that morning should be a time of quiet- in order for you to fully wake yourself up

Better Problem Solvers Obviously a rested mind is more prepared for what the day has to throw at it. Because you will be more organized and energized (as explained below)

More Energy Better rest equals more energy. And early risers generally have better sleep patterns than night owls. Enough said. But not really because this is really interesting stuff

More Organized We’ve all been there: we go to sleep with an idea of what we want to be accomplished the next day, but once we rise- life happens

More Time to Exercise How many of you have started an evening workout routine and made promises to yourself about visiting the gym every evening only to watch them die a tragic death

Better, Deeper Rest I’ve already mentioned how your circadian rhythm is affected by setting a sleep schedule, and this is directly related to how well you rest each night as well

Better Mental Health Everything described above equals a support structure for better mental health. Improved brain function, a lack of physical strain and stress

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