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Just as I try to prevent health issues in the first place with my family, we’re trying to practice preventative pet care. A bonus is that it’s cheaper to prevent something than it is to treat it.

Healthy Food Cats are carnivores and need animal protein to thrive. Consider what cats eat in the wild when looking for cat food. You want a meat-based product.

Hygiene While cats require less maintenance than dogs, there are still things we need to do to help our cats stay healthy.

Cat Toothpaste Unfortunately, you can’t use your own natural toothpaste on your cat. There are a few ingredients that aren’t safe for them: Sweeteners Essential oils Fluoride

Toys If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have worked hard to eliminate plastic from our lives as much as I can.

Natural Litter We don’t want to expose our cats to toxic chemicals every time they need to go to the bathroom or have them track toxins around the house.

Feline Pine Made from 100% pine, this one has the strongest odor. The wood is very absorbent. Be sure to get the non-clumping product because the clumping one has mineral oil, which I don’t recommend because it’s made from petroleum.

Sustainably Yours Made from corn and cassava, this cat litter helps absorb odors. Although I like the natural tree scent above, this is my recommendation if you have allergies to any of those scents, like pine.

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