It could be criminal activity, if you searches abortion on your phone - South Arkansas Sun

Abortion-seekers' digital trails are being used as criminal evidence

Third-party data brokers sell sensitive geolocation data -- culled through a vast web of personal tracking tech found in apps

Your phone's data, your social media accounts, your browsing and geolocation history, and your ISP's detailed records of your internet activity

A published opinion is expected later this month, but the justices still had the opportunity to change their minds

And some have enacted near-total bans on abortion – notably Texas, whose law the Supreme Court has allowed to stand

While it's still a legal gray area, most of those include language that could be interpreted to include self-managed abortion

It's not just abortion patients who are at risk of surveillance and arrest. Those who aid abortion seekers could be charged as accomplices

And even in states with prosecution exemptions, women have still been arrested for losing a pregnancy

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