How to Force Quit in Windows 11 - South Arkansas Sun

There is no worse feeling than being in the middle of work, and all of a sudden, the application you're working on freezes up and becomes unresponsive.

In Windows, the quickest way to handle this is to launch the Task Manager and shut the frozen program down.

Here's how to use Task Manager to shut down a frozen application on your Windows 11 laptop.

How to Force Quit in Windows 11 1. Hold Control + Alt + Delete at the same time. Your keyboard may vary. If this does not work, try Control + Shift + Escape.

2. Select Task Manager.

3. Select the unresponsive app.

4. Tap End Task.

The unresponsive program is now shut down. Your best course of action from here is to restart your laptop to ensure that whatever caused the issue has been cleared up before continuing.

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