5 Google Algorithm Updates To Stay On Top Of In 2022 - South Arkansas Sun

There are hundreds of Google algorithm updates every year, both official and unofficial. These updates affect the way websites rank on the search engine.

1. Link Spam Update Google rolled out an update in August 2021 to discourage link spamming.

2. Sneak Peek to MUM MUM (multitask unified model) is a technology being developed by Google that will be used to solve complex search queries

3. Page Experience Score Google has recently rolled out this update to enhance the overall user experience on top-listed pages. Each page will be assigned a score.

4. Broad Core Update in 2021 Broad core updates are more subtle, and most websites do not visibly feel the effect of these changes on their websites.

5. Google core update Early conversation, ranking charts, and SEO social shares are included. On Twitter, SEOs are sharing charts of their clients' successes and losers with this move.

Stay updated by checking Google's developer website. To continue ranking well, marketers must maintain their websites.

Google’s top algorithm updates for 2022 include the link spam update, product reviews update, broad core update, MUM, and page experience update.

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