Genius Ways to Be Instantly More Attractive - South Arkansas Sun

Wear Red A 2010 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found women loved it when men wore red—and, the same went for women

Show Off Your Hips Wear pants that show off your figure and feel free to sway a little when you walk,Just like Shakira always says: hips don't lie.

Make Yourself Look Taller Research has shown women prefer taller men over the short guys of the world, but just because you can't change your height doesn't mean you can't physically make yourself look like you grew a few inches

Highlight the Left Side of Your Face You might not notice one side of your face being more attractive than the other, but a study published in the journal Experimental Brain Research found people preferred the left side of over the right.

Travel in Groups A 2014 study found people typically look much more attractive when they're in groups than they do on their own

Fill in Your Eyebrows Thin eyebrows used to be portrayed as the most attractive style,researchers found those with bold brows appeared younger and more attractive

Put On Some Sunglasses people tend to look more attractive when wearing dark shades because of a few reasons: they make your face look more symmetrical

Walk With a Swagger women found men more attractive when they walked with a swagger in their shoulders

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