France no longer receiving Russian gas via pipelines - South Arkansas Sun

The development has followed Russian gas giant Gazprom's warning earlier this week about cutting delivery of gas to Europe.

Gazprom maintains that reduction in supply is due to repair work, but the move is widely perceived to be a political one

Experts have been quoted in media reports saying that Russia is seeking to put pressure on allies of Ukraine

France is dependent on Russia for 17 per cent of its natural gas. Supplies had already been reduced by 60 percent since the beginning of this year, sending prices soaring.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday returned from Ukraine. This was his first visit to Ukraine since Russian invasion. 

The European Commission on Friday (June 17) recommended a 'candidate' status for Ukraine in the European Union. Russia is fiercely opposed to co-operation between Ukraine and Europe

In the run-up to the invasion Russian President Vladimir Putin had expressed his opposition to Ukraine joining NATO.

Macron was accompanied by Italian PM Mario Draghi, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

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