6 Common College Admissions Myths - South Arkansas Sun

When applying to college, many students think they know which strategies will help them attract the attention – in a good way – of admissions officers.

Myth 1 Getting All A's Is the Most Important ThingOf course, your grades matter.

Myth2 Test Scores Can Make or Break Your Chances of Getting In Test scores are just one element of the application package.

Myth 3 The More Clubs and Activities on Your Resume, the Better Quality means more than quantity when it comes to extracurricular activities, college admissions experts note.

Myth 4 The best person to ask for a letter of recommendation isn't necessarily a teacher who gave you an A.

Myth 5 The key job of your essay is to reveal something about who you are.

Myth 6 To Make Yourself Memorable, You Need to Visit the Campus

Fit continues to be the most important factor to us – we want students to succeed here," says Marc Harding, vice provost for enrollment at the University of Pittsburgh.

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