Best Debit Cards for Kids for June 2022 - South Arkansas Sun

Copper Banking Copper Banking is an online bank that’s specifically for teens 13 or older. If you want your teen to learn basic financial literacy and to manage their money through an intuitive mobile app, Copper Banking is the right choice

Current If you want a comprehensive debit card for kids and teens that offers a range of parental control and saving goals for kids, the Current debit card for teens is worth considering.

BusyKid With BusyKid, a portion of the money you pay your kid gets automatically put into savings every week. Parents can also lock spending or set certain saving requirements to ensure kids are saving enough money

FamZoo FamZoo provides prepaid cards and a financial education for kids and teens. All in one award-winning app. Try it free.

Axos First Checking Axos has one of the best debit cards for teens with its Axos First Checking account. This checking account is for kids and teens ages 13 to 17

Acorns Early If you want your kid to learn basic money management and how to invest, Acorns Early is for you.

M1 Finance M1 Finance doesn’t have a standalone debit card for kids. However, if you open a custodial account, you can teach your child about the importance of investing and how to properly manage their money

GoHenry With the GoHenry prepaid debit card and app, kids learn how to budget—and grow to understand the difference between wants and needs by spending wisely

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