Best Budgeting Apps for College Students in 2022 - South Arkansas Sun

Best Overall: Mint Mint is one of the best budgeting apps for college students in 2022. With it, you do not only sync expenses to money available in your bank account but also monitor chargeback on your credit card

Best for Investors: Acorns If you would like to start investing while still in college, Acorns is the best investing app at this point. It is that time you embraced digital saving of extra coins from shopping and used them to make more money

Best for Tracking All Your Accounts: Personal Capital Personal Capital is not just an application for budgeting, but also one that features powerful functionalities. It tracks your money

Best for Cash Style Budgeting: Mvelopes With Mvelopes, there is never going to be an easier way to be a part of the digital revolution in budgeting

Best App Tied to a Bank Account: Simple Money management is often a big challenge for most students, but with an app like Simple that syncs your bank account and budgeting tools,

Best for Type-A Personalities: YNAB YNAB, also referred to as you need a budget, is arguably one of the most popular budgeting apps for college students in the market. It is ideal for those who want to manage finances around their income.

Best for Just Budgeting: Wally While it may not be the simplest of budgeting apps for college students out there, Wally is ideal for students who want to keep track of expenses

Best to Keep from Overspending: Pocket Guard Another budgeting app a student will find useful is Pocket Guard. It is not synced with your bank account but also helps you to keep track of income, expenses, and savings

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