5 Principles of Design in Advertising - South Arkansas Sun

Branding requires graphic design. Design elements are required for social media visuals, online sites, display adverts, and banners.

5 Principles of Design and Their Application 1. Balance All your furnishings in one corner? No. Designing requires balance. Equilibrium and alignment generate balance.

2. Proximity An ideal example is the Unilever logo. Where the miniature 25 icons are intricately woven together in close proximity to make the “U.”

3. Alignment Alignment gives display ads a clean, organised look. Its logical flow pleases the eye and holds the viewer's attention.

4. Repetition Repeating colours, typefaces, text, or forms helps design flow. Repetition generates a rhythm that's ordered and consistent.

5. Contrast Too much contrast might dilute and confuse the viewer. To improve design legibility, keep elements well-defined.

The principles of design help you organize the different elements of the project. They also help drive a significant visual impact.

Artistic talent and innovative thinking are required. Graphic design courses prepare you for a design job.

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