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Breezy Weekend Precedes Mid-Thanksgiving Storms with a Chance for Rain

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Breezy Weekend and Mid-Week Storms, Plus a Chance for Rain

The NEXT Weather forecast predicts a breezy and chilly weekend with a chance for rain expected to arrive on Tuesday into Wednesday before a chilly Thanksgiving. (Photo:

Breezy Weekend Sets Stage for Mid-Thanksgiving Storms with a Prominent Chance for Rain

According to source, The Weather forecast sets the stage for a breezy and chilly weekend ahead of mid-Thanksgiving week storms. Saturday will witness drier air and a significant breeze in the region, creating conditions conducive to the chance for rain expected to arrive on Tuesday into Wednesday, leading up to a chilly Thanksgiving.

The day itself will be brisk, with highs in the 50s in Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley, reaching 58 at the Jersey Shore. Conditions will remain seasonable, featuring plenty of sunshine and a low chance for rain on both Sunday and Monday.

As night falls, temperatures will drop, bringing a chill with a low of 33. The weekend will experience strong winds, with regular gusts above 30 miles per hour, but it will stay dry until the latter part of Tuesday when an 80 percent chance for rain emerges. A storm system on Monday could bring severe weather across the deep south, potentially affecting air travel into Tuesday.

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Chance for Rain Persists, Followed by Arctic Chill and Cloudy Weekend Ahead

The chance for rain will persist into Wednesday morning, with a 70 percent chance, followed by a significant drop to just 10 percent on Thanksgiving Day. While the skies will clear up a bit for a cloudy Thanksgiving, temperatures will remain cool and comfortable, with a high of only 45 degrees. Post-Thanksgiving, a lobe of arctic air from the north is expected to spill starting late Sunday. This bitter blast has the potential to chill down the area until the end of the month.

The 7-day forecast includes sunny and brisk conditions on Sunday, sunny and chilly on Monday, the chance for rain arriving on Tuesday, morning showers on Wednesday, a cold and bright Thanksgiving on Thursday, warming up with cloud cover on Friday, and a cloudy Saturday with slightly higher temperatures.

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