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Want To Know How Climate Change Affects Students? Check It Here!

Want To Know How Climate Change Affects Students? Check It Here! (Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Are you curious on how climate change affects students? 

Want To Know How Climate Change Affects Students? Check It Here! (Photo: WXXI News)

All people on the earth are impacted by climate change, even if they cannot directly observe it. Discover how climate change affects students in their everyday school life.

The term “climate change” is widely recognized but what does it actually mean?

A long term change in global weather and temperature patterns brought on by both natural and human activity is referred to as climate change. 

Human activity has been the main cause of this shift in these components since the 19th century leading to significant changes in temperature and weather patterns that have a negative impact on people, animals and plants. 

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How climate change affects students?

Due to increasing environmental harm to their schools and a lack of genuine climate change education, students today are most definitely not in good health. 

Wildfires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes have affected American schools from Georgia to Hawaii often made worse by climate change. In Philadelphia, Puerto Rico and other locations, children at schools without air conditioning have already been sent home this school year due to the excessive heat. 

In addition to repeatedly missing out on important education, several pupils’ schools were destroyed, and teachers and their families lost their homes and livelihoods. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children who encounter disasters are at risk for negative mental health effects such as worry, fear, melancholy, disturbed sleep, upsetting dreams, irritability, problems concentrating, and outbursts of anger.

According to polls, children and young adults today are more concerned about climate change than many other topics. However, some textbooks and instructors are avoiding discussing it or outright falsifying the information. 

Young people are fighting back against the delayed global climate change action. Gen Z protested once more in New York on Sunday, urging world leaders attending the annual UN general assembly to act quickly to assist their generation. 

President Joe Biden opted out of the Global Ambition Summit, which was organized by the UN. Additionally, Biden urged for greater climate action, but several young people claimed his efforts didn’t live up to his campaign promises.

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