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Tropical Storm Philippe: NHC Tracks Its Path In The Atlantic Basin

Tropical Storm Philippe: NHC Tracks Its Path In The Atlantic Basin (Photo: Newsweek)

Stay informed on the current track of Tropical Storm Philippe.

Tropical Storm Philippe: NHC Tracks Its Path In The Atlantic Basin (Photo: News 13)

On Monday, hurricane experts were monitoring Tropical Storm Philippe and two other systems in the Atlantic basin as Tropical Storm Ophelia’s residue continued to cover the Northeast.

Fortunately, according to the National Hurricane Center, none of the systems, including Tropical Storm Philippe, were anticipated to pose an imminent threat to the US or any other land locations.

On Monday, the open Atlantic Ocean was being spun by Tropical Storm Philippe, the 17th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season.

Tropical Storm Philippe is gradually moving west toward the northeastern Caribbean islands, about halfway between Africa and those islands. 

Although the upper level winds are currently quite hostile and the water and atmosphere are both very warm, it is not anticipated that Tropical Storm Philippe will strengthen significantly in the near future.

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Tropical Storm Philippe’s Track

The National Hurricane Center’s forecast and the consensus of the long-range computer models move Tropical Storm Philippe to the north well before it reaches the Caribbean, but there are plausible scenarios that would allow it to make a more gradual turn and jog west, passing uncomfortably close to the islands. 

According to the hurricane center, Tropical Storm Philippe’s center was 1,080 miles east of the Northern Leeward Islands as of 5 p.m. on Monday. 

The Tropical Storm Philippe was moving west at 15 mph and had a top wind speed of 45 mph.

It seems that the Tropical Storm Philippe’s route and intensity are related. A weaker storm has a higher likelihood of moving further south. 

Therefore, according to the available data, Tropical Storm Philippe would not have a significant impact on the northeast Caribbean. 

The track of Tropical Storm Philippe as greater uncertainty than usual because the future strength depends on how well the relatively hostile air environment balances the excessively warm water.

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