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Tropical Storm Nicholas To Bring Heavy Rain, Possible Flash Floods at US Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Nicolas
Periods of an outpour of rain are slated to affect areas of Louisiana and Texas through mid-week. (Photo: NBC News)
ABC News

Periods of an outpour of rain are slated to affect areas of Louisiana and Texas through mid-week. (Photo: ABC News)

Heavy rainfall is slated to pour on portions of Louisiana and Texas throughout mid-week, the National Hurricane Center announced. According to the center, remarkable rainfall amounts are probable. They could potentially result in portions of considerable flash and urban floods.

Tropical Storm Nicholas has initiated a course toward the Gulf Coast. It is slated to bring soaking rains to a number of areas that remain to be recuperating from Hurricane Ida.

Tropical Storm Nicholas Brings a Maximum Wind Up To 40 mph

The system bolstered from a tropical depression on Sunday morning in the Gulf of Mexico’s southwest. It is currently bringing about maximum winds up to 40 mph. At 15 mph, it is gravitating northwest. The storm’s center is currently an estimated 300 miles south-southeast from the Rio Grande River’s mouth.

According to CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV chief meteorologist David Paul on Sunday evening, his models displayed the storm moving quite slower. He said they are currently looking at a probable landing around Matagorda Bay (southwest of town) on early Tuesday as a 65 mph storm, which puts them on the system’s wet side. On Tuesday evening, a tropical storm might be in the center of Houston’s downtown.

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Nicholas to Strengthen in the Succeeding Hours

The tropical storm is slated to be better-ordered and bolster as it closes in on the southern Texas coast in the succeeding 24 to 36 hours. From late Monday into early Tuesday morning, landfall is slated but the effect will commence hours earlier.

Nicholas is forecast to produce a storm total rainfall of 8-16 inches. There will be isolated amounts near 20,” particularly in areas near bodies of water. The northwest of Houston’s regions will witness quite lower totals possibly from  2 to 6″.

Possible Storm Surge

The storm surge tide may reach 3-5 feet above the ground. This is along the coastline between Port O’Connor and San Luis Pass, involving Matagorda Bay.

Hurricane Conditions

For a hurricane watch, hurricane conditions with sustained winds moving at least 74 mph are probable within two days of the watch being implemented.

According to the Weather Prediction Center, the susceptibility for flash flooding from Nicholas is strengthening with a level 3 of 4 risk for too much rainfall issued for Texas’ coastal regions from Monday through at least Tuesday evening.

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