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North Korea Strengthens Alliance with Russia Amid Global Pressures and Missile Tests

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North Korea recently made a geopolitical pivot when it said it wanted to work more closely with Russia to develop a new multipolar international order in the face of growing tensions, especially with the United States. The action follows the summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un in September, indicating a strengthening relationship between the two countries.

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A Unified Front Against Heightened Tensions

With an emphasis on taking a unified front in response to heightened tensions, notably with the United States, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry has publicly announced plans to boost both strategic and tactical cooperation with Russia. President Putin and Kim Jong Un’s latest summit is a critical turning point in the strengthening of the diplomatic and political relations between the two countries.

President Putin’s expressed willingness to visit Pyongyang further highlights the strengthening relationship, showcasing Russia’s commitment to fostering closer ties with North Korea.

The alignment aims to establish a cohesive front against external pressures and assert the interests of both nations in the evolving global order.

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Defiance and Diplomacy on the International Stage

Amid international criticism of its recent ballistic test involving a new intermediate-range solid-fuel missile with a hypersonic warhead, North Korea has condemned the UN Security Council for an emergency meeting. The country asserts that these activities are routine measures for defense enhancement and pose no threat to neighboring nations.

Despite global scrutiny, Russia and China have thwarted attempts by the United States to impose stricter sanctions on North Korea. Discussions between North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui and her Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov underscore the mutual commitment to strategic cooperation, with Russia expressing gratitude for North Korea’s support during the conflict in Ukraine.

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