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Unresolved Problems in Congress give Putin and his Sick Group of Friends Ideas. — Zelenski

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine conveyed a strong message during his speech at the U.S. National Defense University, emphasizing that while the Kremlin may find satisfaction in delays within the U.S. Congress regarding aid for Ukraine and other democracies, any hope of weakening support for global freedom is futile.

Zelensky’s Remarks on Kremlin’s Hopes and Freedom

This section highlights Zelensky’s comments on the Kremlin’s desires and his perspective on the significance of freedom in the face of Putin’s aspirations.

Zelensky pointedly attributed any motivation for Capitol Hill delays to Putin and his associates, expressing his view that the Kremlin perceives the U.S. legislative process, controversies, and a potential decline in backing for global freedom as a favorable scenario.

Asserting that freedom should never be a goal for individuals like Putin, Zelensky stressed the importance of exhibiting genuine confidence to future generations, citing President Ronald Reagan’s iconic speech at the Brandenburg Gate and drawing parallels to the current need for similar conviction.

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Goals for Safety and Freedom

Zelensky expressed his belief in the democratic world’s primary objective, aiming to restore and safeguard the safety and liberty achieved post-the fall of the Berlin Wall, foreseeing the eventual disintegration of the “current enemy of the free world’s” aggression in 2024, likening it to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This breakdown provides a condensed summary of the original text, capturing the key points made by President Zelensky during his speech.

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