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OSCE Group of Friends of Georgia Joint Statement To Mark Fifteen Years After Russia’s Invasion to Georgia

OSCE Group of Friends of Georgia Joint Statement. (Photo: Space News)

Ambassador Holland delivers the short version of the OSCE Group of Friends of Georgia Joint Statement that commemorates the 15th anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Georgia.

OSCE Group of Friends of Georgia Joint Statement. (Photo: Melissa News)

Statement by the Group of Friends of Georgia on Georgia’s Sovereignty and Conflict Resolution

According to the joint statement of the OSCE Group of Friends of Georgia published by GOV.UK,  Ambassador Holland, speaking on behalf of the Group of Friends of Georgia, delivers a statement on behalf of a coalition of nations, emphasizing their support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. They express deep concern about the ongoing occupation of Georgia’s Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions and call for a peaceful resolution in line with international law.

The Group of Friends of Georgia condemns Russia’s 2008 military aggression against Georgia and its continued hybrid and conventional warfare tactics. They urge Russia to adhere to the 2008 ceasefire agreement and reverse its recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia’s independence. The coalition acknowledges the European Court of Human Rights’ judgments and calls for Russia’s full compliance.

The Group of Friends of Georgia raises concerns about the installation of barriers along administrative boundary lines and the closure of crossing points in South Ossetia. The statement also expresses deep concern about arbitrary detentions near the boundary lines and calls for the immediate release of specific individuals and all those held arbitrarily.

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Group of Friends of Georgia: Strong Support for Conflict Resolution Initiatives and Continued Advocacy

The Group of Friends of Georgia expresses support for continuing the Geneva International Discussions as the key platform for engaging with Russia on the EU-mediated ceasefire agreement and addressing various challenges in the Russia-Georgia conflict. It emphasizes the need for progress on critical discussion points, including non-use of force and the safe return of IDPs and refugees.

The Group of Friends of Georgia also backs the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRM) in Ergneti and Gali, underscoring their vital role in conflict prevention and ensuring the safety of people on the ground. The Group of Friends of Georgia expresses concern about the suspension of the Gali IPRM and urges its prompt resumption without further delay or pre-conditions.

Furthermore, the statement welcomes Georgia’s multi-stakeholder process for developing a “State Strategy for de-occupation and peaceful conflict resolution” and supports the Georgian government’s peace initiatives, such as ‘A Step to a Better Future’ and the “A peace fund for a better future.”

Lastly, the Group of Friends of Georgia reiterates its commitment to raising awareness about the conflict, holding Russia accountable for its obligations, and advocating for a peaceful resolution.

Read the whole short version of the Joint Statement at GOV.UK. 

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