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Armenia, Russian Longtime Ally, Hosts Joint US Military Exercise – Signaling Shift in Regional Dynamics

Armenia, Russian Longtime Ally, Hosts Joint US Military Exercise. (Photo: Lowy Institute)

Armenia, Russian longtime ally, plans joint military exercises with the US, signaling a shift in relations with Putin. The drills, named “Eagle Partner 2023,” aim to prepare Armenian forces for international peacekeeping missions and will occur from September 11 to 20.

Armenia, Russian Longtime Ally, Hosts Joint US Military Exercise. (Photo: Reuters)

Russian Longtime Ally Armenia’s Shifting Alliances: Hosting Joint Military Exercises with the US

According to Yahoo News, Armenia, Russian longtime ally, is making a significant pivot by announcing joint military exercises with the United States. This unexpected move reflects a shifting geopolitical landscape and signals Armenia’s desire to diversify its international partnerships.

The upcoming joint military exercise, named “Eagle Partner 2023,” is scheduled to take place from September 11 to 20. According to Armenia’s defense ministry, this exercise aims to prepare its forces for potential participation in international peacekeeping missions, underlining the country’s changing priorities in the region.

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Armenia, Russian Longtime Ally, Growing Frustrations with Russia: Recent Actions Straining the Relationship with Putin

According to Business Insider, in recent years, Armenia’s historically strong alliance as a Russian longtime ally has faltered. This became apparent when Armenia sought aid from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a Russian-led alliance akin to NATO, during border clashes with Azerbaijan. The CSTO’s failure to assist led to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan distancing Armenia from their Russian longtime ally, President Vladimir Putin.

Additionally, Armenia’s decisions, like canceling joint military exercises and publicly diverging from Russia’s positions on conflicts, reflect changing regional dynamics. Pashinyan highlights the need for Armenia to diversify its security partnerships instead of relying solely on their Russian longtime ally.

The evolving geopolitical landscape in the former Soviet Union, especially Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has raised doubts about security assurances from Russia among neighboring countries, including Armenia. Consequently, Armenia’s relationship with their Russian longtime ally is undergoing transformation, potentially reshaping regional dynamics and affecting Russia’s influence.

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