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$100B Market Collaboration: Pentagon Eyes Boosting National Security with Private Space Firms!

Pentagon’s Strategy to Collaborate with Private Space Companies

Space Force Looks to Private Sector for National Security in Space

According to Ars Technica, the Pentagon has a new plan to work closely with private space companies. They want to use the innovation of these companies to make the military stronger. Right now, the Space Force already uses services from private space companies for things like launching satellites. However, the Pentagon wants to use these companies for more tasks related to national security in space.

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(PHOTO: Defense Tech and Acquisition – Substack)

Pentagon Strategy Seeks Collaboration with Private Space Companies for Enhanced Military and National Security Operations

The national security strategy defines private space companies as those that make things to sell on the market not just for the military. The military mostly buys services like launching rockets from these companies. But there are also some areas where both the military and private companies work together like in cyberspace operations and satellite communications. While private space companies are growing fast there are still some things the military needs to do on its own. Some tasks don’t have a big enough market for private companies or the companies’ abilities don’t match what the military needs. But the Pentagon wants to help develop new technologies with these companies to work together more in the future.

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