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Biden Blamed for Border ‘Bloodbath’ in Escalating Immigration Rhetoric- Trump Levels Accusations

Trump’s Inflammatory Rhetoric Targets Biden’s Immigration Policy

Trump Ramps Up Rhetoric Against Biden’s Immigration Policies in Midwest Speeches

In speeches in Wisconsin and Michigan, former President Donald Trump attacked Vice President Joe Biden‘s stance on immigration. Trump used inflammatory language referring to some immigrants as “animals” which experts warn can inspire violence. He accused Biden of inciting chaos and violence at the U.S.-Mexico border calling it a “bloodbath.” Trump exploited allegations of crimes by immigrants as a platform to attack Biden and garner support for his own agenda.

Despite overall crime going down, Trump and other Republicans highlight crimes involving immigrants to criticize Biden. They think this gives Trump an advantage with voters who worry about border security. Trump wants to win back support from working-class and union voters in Michigan and Wisconsin which he won in 2016 but lost to Biden in 2020. Despite criticism, Trump’s supporters still came to his rallies in bad weather showing they support his tough stance on immigration.

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Biden Blamed for Border ‘Bloodbath’ in Escalating Immigration Rhetoric- Trump Levels Accusations. (PHOTO: Los Angeles Times)

Biden’s Campaign Pushes Back Against Trump’s Divisive Immigration Rhetoric

Biden’s team says Trump is just trying to scare people and shift blame. They point out that Trump also blocked efforts to solve immigration issues when he was president. Michigan’s governor criticized Trump for using recent tragedies for political gain. Biden’s campaign wants to show that Trump’s immigration talk is divisive and not helpful. They’re focusing on finding practical solutions to immigration issues instead.

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