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Migrants Post-Border Incident Released After Texas Judge Authorizes

El Paso Judge Releases Migrants Accused in “Border Riot” Despite Ongoing Immigration Disputes

Judge Orders Release of Migrants Accused in Rio Grande “Border Riot” Amid Ongoing Immigration Disputes

On Sunday, an El Paso, Texas, judge decided to free migrants who had been charged with participating in a “border riot” in the Rio Grande earlier this month. Videos of the incident, which were circulated on social media, showed a group of asylum seekers overpowering National Guard troops as they attempted to enter the United States from Mexico. There are also ongoing court disputes about the controversial immigration situation, despite efforts by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and others to implement harsher immigration laws.

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Migrants Post-Border Incident Released After Texas Judge Authorizes. (PHOTO: Newsweek)

Judge Criticizes Delay in Hearings, Orders Release of Defendants in Rio Grande “Border Riot” Case

Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta criticized the El Paso District Attorney’s Office for not being ready for detention hearings and ordered the release of defendants engaged in the riot during an online session. Monday has more hearings planned for more accused. The choice to free offenders on their own recognizance brings to light the difficulties in enforcing immigration laws near the border between the United States and Mexico. El Paso County Courts was contacted by Newsweek to request additional information about the case.

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