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Ukrainians Find Support in America: US Immigration Protections Expand

New Rule Expands Aid for Ukrainians in the U.S.

Ukrainians find support in America and Work Authorization is Offered to Recent Arrivals

According to America Military News, the Biden administration made a big change in the rules so more Ukrainians find support in America. Ukrainians who came to the U.S. by April 11 can apply for protection from being sent back and permission to work for 18 months. This is longer than before helping more Ukrainians including about 10,000 who asked for safety at the U.S.-Mexico border after first going to Mexico as tourists.

Ukrainians Find Support in America: US Immigration Protections Expand (PHOTO: CBS News)

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Advocates Push for Easier Immigration for Ukrainian War Survivors as U.S. Plans Refugee Intake

Lawmakers and people who support others have been asking the government to make these Ukrainians find support in America so it’s easier for Ukrainians who are escaping the war to come to the U.S. Many people agree that it’s important to help those who can’t go back to a dangerous Ukraine. While most Ukrainians stay in Europe some want to find safety in the U.S., especially if they have family there. The Biden administration is also planning to welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees by making it easier for them to come but they haven’t said exactly how yet because the situation in Ukraine is still uncertain.

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