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US Strikes Iran-Linked Targets in Iraq and Syria in Retaliation

US Strikes Iran
US Strikes Iran-Linked Targets in Iraq and Syria in Retaliation (Photo: The New Arab)

Read about the US Strikes Iran-Linked Targets that killed three soldiers as it aims at Iranian-backed facilities in Syria and Iraq.

US Strikes Iran

US Strikes Iran-Linked Targets in Iraq and Syria in Retaliation (Photo: Euractiv)

US Strikes Iran: US Military Targets Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Pro-Iranian Groups

The United States has carried out a significant military response by launching airstrikes on over 85 associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard and pro-Iranian groups in Iraq and Syria. The action comes in the of a deadly attack last week that claimed the lives of three US soldiers, prompting a forceful counteroffensive. The US Strikes Iran bombing resulted in the deaths of at least 18 members of pro-Iranian militias across multiple locations in Syria and Iraq, as indicated by reports from an Iraqi military source and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

According to reports, the airstrikes on the Syrian side caused the deaths of 13 militiamen and the destruction of 17 positions belonging to Tehran-backed armed groups in the eastern province of Deir al-Zur. The US Army Central Command (Centcom) that the airstrike, utilizing more than 125 precision-guided munitions, was in response to the drone attack near the Syrian border in Jordan which resulted in the deaths of three US soldiers, and injuries to 40 others. President Joe Biden firmly stated that the response to the attack would persist as deemed by the US, emphasizing its continuation at chosen times and locations.

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The US response targeted various facilities, including operations centers, intelligence centers, missile rocket sites, drone storage facilities, and logistics facilities that are linked to the recent series of attacks by pro-Iranian groups against US forces in the region. The Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, had forewarned of a “multi-tiered response,” in the capability for multiple retaliatory actions, dependent on circumstances. The Pentagon attributed the attack to Kataib Hezbollah, a powerful pro-Iranian militia in Iraq, although Iran distanced itself from the incident, prompting Washington’s ultimate blame on Iran for the escalation.

The US’s decisive military response reflects a robust stance against the escalating hostilities, showcasing its resolve to protect its military personnel and interests in the region. This assertive action affirms the US’s commitment to defending its personnel and assets and deters further aggression from Iran-linked groups in Iraq and Syria.

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