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Unyielding US Military Response: A Strike against Houthi Threats in Yemen

Unyielding US Military Response: A Strike against Houthi Threats in Yemen

The US Joins Forces with Allies to Dismantle Houthi Terror Network and Secure Crucial Waterways

Unyielding US Military Response: A Strike against Houthi Threats in Yemen

WASHINGTON — The US military has launched ship- and submarine-based missile attacks against Houthi-controlled targets in Yemen for the fourth time in two days, demonstrating its force. After the US named Houthis a specifically designated global terrorist organization, strict sanctions were imposed to cut violent extremist groups’ financial assistance. Despite sanctions and military actions, including a large-scale operation on Friday involving US and British warships and warplanes targeting more than 60 sites across Yemen, the Houthis continue to harass commercial and military vessels on international waterways.

The latest alarming incident unfolded when a one-way attack drone launched from a Houthi-controlled region struck the Marshall Islands-flagged, US-owned, and operated M/V Genco Picardy in the Gulf of Aden. In response to the escalating tensions, the US has undoubtedly warned Iran to cease its provision of weaponry to the Houthis. On Thursday, a US raid on a dhow intercepted ballistic missile components the US has asserted Iran intended to supply to Yemen. Tragically, two US Navy SEALs are currently unaccounted for, having been lost at sea during the seizure when one was swept off the vessel by a wave and the second followed in pursuit of the overcome SEAL.

The international community has united in its condemnation of Houthi aggression, with the US vowing to take military action to thwart further attacks. “They are exploiting this situation to conduct attacks against ships and vessels from more than 50 countries around the world,” asserted Pentagon Press Secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder. “And so we’re going to continue to work with our partners in the region to prevent those attacks or deter those attacks in the future.” In recent days, the Houthis have fired multiple anti-ship cruise missiles toward a US Navy destroyer, struck a US-owned ship in the Gulf of Aden, and targeted a Malta-flagged bulk carrier in the Red Sea, precipitating a series of retaliatory strikes from the US.

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The Houthi-claimed attack on the Malta-flagged Zografia, which occurred hours after the initial US retaliatory strike, resulted in damage to the vessel. However, no injuries were reported, and the ship maintained its course, underscoring the determination of the international community to maintain regional security. Even though there is still some fighting in the Middle East after the Israel-Hamas war, the international community is still determined to work together and stand up to those who want to undermine the delicate equilibrium of power and stability in the area.

Through these decisive military actions and strengthened alliances, the United States and its allies stand steadfast in their collective mission to dismantle the Houthis’ terror network and secure crucial waterways for the safe passage of merchant and naval vessels from nations around the world.

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