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Stranded in the Wild: 270 Passengers Endure 20-Hour Saga on Remote Military Base

Delta Passengers Stranded
Delta Flight 135 Passengers aboard from Amsterdam to Detroit spent the night in a military barracks due to mechanical issue (Photo: East Idaho)

Delta Flight 135 Passengers aboard from Amsterdam to Detroit spent the night in a military barracks in eastern Canada after an emergency landing due to a mechanical issue.

Delta Flight 135 Stranded

Delta Flight 135 passengers stranded for overnight at remote Canadian (Photo: NBC)

Delta Flight 135: A 20-Hour Ordeal on a Remote Military Base

Delta Flight 135 was on its way from Amsterdam to Detroit when the flight diverted to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland Sunday afternoon because of a mechanical problem.

This meant that the plane’s 270 passengers had to stay on a remote Canadian military base for 20 hours longer than planned. Even though they could change planes in a few hours, there were major delays because of a hiring issue. The airport’s activities were stopped because of bad weather and runway conditions, which made things worse.

The airline told The Associated Press that weather and runway conditions at Goose Bay Airport affected crew shift times, which led to the airport’s closure. On Tuesday, Delta sent more planes to Goose Bay to get customers to their final location.

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One of the passengers’ fathers, Gerry Santoro, told the press, “We can’t believe it’s real. He’s home after four days of travel. They left Friday night from campus on a bus, and with every single delay, it got more fantastical. Then, when we heard they were doing an emergency landing, we just said, This is the icing on the cake.”

The people on board were given food and water and put up in military bases until a rescue flight finally got them to Detroit. Delta told customers that they would be compensated for the trouble.

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