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Admiral Lisa Franchetti Makes History as First Woman to Assume Role of Leader of the Navy

(Photo: apnews)

Admiral Lisa Franchetti Makes History as First Woman Leader of the Navy

Admiral Lisa Franchetti has made history as the first woman to become the leader of the navy, with her nomination receiving overwhelming approval from the US Senate in a 95-1 vote. (Photo: hindustantimes)

Admiral Franchetti’s Path to Becoming Leader of the Navy

According to source, Admiral Lisa Franchetti has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first woman to be the leader of the navy with her nomination for leader of the navy approved by the US Senate in a 95-1 vote. She had been fulfilling the role as the leader of the navy in an acting capacity since August, a temporary measure necessitated by a single Republican senator’s opposition to Pentagon abortion access policy.

The leader of the navy Admiral Franchetti’s career has been characterized by her command of multiple surface vessels including a guided missile destroyer, a destroyer squadron, and two carrier strike groups.

Her extensive experience also includes key positions as the leader of the navy such as deputy commander of US naval forces in Europe and Africa and deputy chief of naval operations for war-fighting development.

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Key Appointments Shaping US Military Leadership

In September 2022 she ascended to the role of the leader of the navy as the second highest ranking officer in the service.In a concurrent development, the US Senate has granted approval for General David Allvin to be the leader of the navy of the US Air Force with an overwhelming 95-1 vote.

This selection fills a significant void created when the top officer of the Air Force assumed the position of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, leaving an important vacancy for the leader of the navy. Both of these appointments carry tremendous weight in shaping the leadership of the US military and its critical role on the global stage.

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