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2007 Submarine Surprise and Orbital Debris Debacle Reveal Rising Military Might

China Bold Naval Maneuver in 2007

The Submarine Surprise of 2007

According to the report of The National Interest, in 2007 China Surprised everyone with its navy. Near China  waters a group of US Navy ships was practicing. Suddenly an old Chinese submarine not very high tech appeared near the main American ship the USS Kitty Hawk. This unexpected move shocked the American Sailors and showed that China Navy was stronger than people thought. Instead of attacking the Chinese Sailors decided to tease the American  showing that China Navy should be underestimated.

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2007 Submarine Surprise and Orbital Debris Debacle Reveal Rising Military Might (PHOTO: The National Interest)

China Bold Naval and Space Maneuvers of 2007

This surprise submarine move was just one part of China Bold actions on the world stage that year. In the same year China amazed the world by destroying an old satellite in space with a special weapon. This not only showed China Military Strength but also left a lot of junk in space which worried many people. China actions in the sea and space made it clear that it wanted to challenge how things were normally done and show its power to the world. As tensions grew between China and the US this submarine incident reminded everyone that things were changing in the Asia-Pacific Region. China bravery in facing the powerful US Navy showed that the balance of power was shifting. The events of 2007 were a big deal in world politics with China becoming a strong rival to the US both in the sea and in space. This led to a time of competition and uncertainty between the two countries.

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