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Protecting Patients and Medical Residents with Explicit Consent for Sensitive Exams

Hospitals Must Secure Explicit Consent for Sensitive Exams Warns U.S. Health Department

Hospitals Face Penalties for Lack of Explicit Consent in Sensitive Medical Exams States U.S. Health Department

According to the report of The Columbian, The U.S. Health Department says hospitals must ask patients clearly before doing sensitive exams like on the pelvic, breast, prostate or rectal areas. This is especially true if students or assistants are doing the exam to learn. They need to get written permission first. If hospitals do not do this they might lose the right to get money from Medicare or Medicaid and they could get fined or checked for breaking privacy laws.

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Hospitals Must Secure Explicit Consent for Sensitive Exams Warns U.S. Health Department (PHOTO: Toronto Star)

Explicit Consent Required for Sensitive Medical Exams to Safeguard Patient Rights

The Health Department sent a strong message to hospitals and medical schools. They said its really important for hospitals to have clear rules. They need to make sure anyone doing these exams gets permission from the patient and writes it down. We do not know exactly how often these exams happen without clear permission. But this rule is a big step forward to make sure patients have a say in what happens to their bodies. Doctors and students have been talking about this problem for a long time. Its not right to do these exams without asking first especially when the patient can say yes or no like when they are asleep. A medical student from Ohio Alexandra Fountaine  is not sure if this rule will change things right away. But she feels a bit safer knowing that there are rules to protect patients. This rule is important because it reminds hospitals that they need to respect patients rights and dignity and make sure they have a say in their medical care.

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