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Chinese National Arrested at US Marine Corps Base Amid Surge in Southern Border Encounters

Chinese National Apprehended for Unauthorized Entry into Marine Corps Base in California

Authorities Detain Chinese National for Trespassing at Twenty-Nine Palms Military Installation

According to the report of NEW YORK POST, in California a Chinese person was caught by authorities for sneaking into a Marine Corps base in Twenty-Nine Palms. The person did have permission to be there and ignored orders to leave. Quick action from the military police led to the person arrest and then they were handed over to Customs and Border Protection for more actions.

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Chinese National Arrested at US Marine Corps Base Amid Surge in Southern Border Encounters (PHOTO: New York Post)

Monitoring Chinese National Border Crossings for National Security

Since October 1 there have been more than 22,000 times when Chinese people were found at the southern border. Some politicians are worried this could be a threat to national security. While some people coming to the U.S. just want a better life we need to be careful to prevent spying or other dangers. Customs and Border Protection said they are serious about making sure immigration laws are followed. They all work closely with other government groups to handle security issues. People who come into the U.S. without permission might face serious consequences like being sent back or even getting in trouble with the law. As the country deals with immigration challenges its important to find a balance between helping people and keeping everyone safe.

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