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China’s Fury Unleashed: Sanctions Hit 5 U.S. Manufacturers for Taiwan Arms Sales

China to sanction 5 US manufacturers over arms sales to Taiwan (Photo: Google)

Due to the new arms sales to Taiwan, China will put five U.S. military corporations on a monitor, a foreign ministry source said Sunday.

China to sanction 5 US manufacturers over arms sales to Taiwan (Photo: Google)

Beijing’s Ban on US Arms Sales to Taiwan Before Key Elections

US arms sales to Taiwan, which China claims as its own, have caused friction between Washington and Beijing. Taiwan fiercely disputes this claim.

China imposed sanctions because it stated Taiwan’s January 13 presidential and parliamentary elections were a choice between war and peace. China dislikes US arms sales to Taiwan and considers it meddling.

The State Department approved a $300 million Taiwan tactical information system technology sale last month. A Chinese official said the shipments “seriously undermine China’s sovereignty and security interests and seriously threaten peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

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China freezes assets and avoids doing business with U.S. defense companies as global tensions escalate.

Alliant Techsystems Operations, Data Link Solutions, AeroVironment, and BAE Systems Land and Armaments will be punished. China will take these firms’ assets and ban Chinese businesses, hurting the economy.

The statement underscores how tight US-China relations are, with Taiwan in the middle. The international world is monitoring the issue, so it’s unclear how these fines would affect diplomatic relations and regional stability.

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