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China Takes Firm Action: Nine Military Officials Expelled from Parliamentary Roles

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On Friday, Xinhua reported that nine army officers were dismissed from parliament, signaling a wider military restructure. After the October expulsion of former defense minister Li Shangfu, the Communist Party Central Committee made the decision, which is part of a succession of high-level military changes.

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China’s Military Shake-Up: Generals Expelled Amidst Mystery, Strategic Shifts, and Rocket Force Leadership Changes

These military leaders, including numerous generals from the strategic missile unit, were expelled for unknown reasons. The nomination of Dong Jun as defense minister filled a months-long gap. After being appointed in March, Li Shangfu disappeared in August and was fired in October.

Beyond defense ministry changes, China’s Rocket Force, a clandestine army organization that oversees its nuclear weapons, has changed leadership in recent months. Corruption allegations against the former Rocket Force chief led these leadership moves.

Five PLA Rocket Force commanders, a former Air Force commander, and two professionals from equipment development bureaus, including the Central Military Commission, were removed from parliament. Additionally, one naval captain was fired. President Xi Jinping heads China’s highest military command body, the CMC.

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China’s Military Reshuffle Sparks Speculation and Global Attention

Due to investigations, these non-elected parliamentarians face expulsion. SinoInsider, a US-based Chinese political consultancy, says the move verifies rumors.

The military reorganization appears to be part of a larger effort to combat corruption and improve control. China is strengthening its military and worldwide strategic position with the changes. To understand China’s military leadership’s big personnel changes, analysts are attentively tracking the dismissals in the absence of information.

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