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Web of Espionage: Spy Balloon Communicates with China Through US Internet Provider

Spy Balloon Used US Internet Provider to Talk to China (Photo: Google)

The Chinese surveillance balloon that crossed the US earlier this year used an American internet service provider to communicate with China, according to NBC News.

Spy Balloon Used US Internet Provider to Talk to China (Photo: Google)

Disagreement about Chinese Spy Balloon’s U.S. ISP Communication

The Chinese surveillance balloon that flew above the US earlier this year connected with China through an American ISP, according to NBC News.

ISP informed NBC News the balloon didn’t utilize their network, but the article didn’t name them. However, U.S. intelligence officials informed NBC News it connected with the ISP for communication and navigation.

According to reports, the balloon was attached to the ISP to communicate with China, largely for navigation. As it soared across the country in February, the rocket sent “high-bandwidth collections of data over short periods” via the internet.

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Biden Administration Requests Surveillance Court Approval for Spy Balloon Data

The Biden administration also requested balloon data from the federal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, including China communications.

The court’s approval of the Biden administration is unclear. An administration source told NBC News that the balloon provided more intelligence than secret U.S. sources. The paper also reviewed how the U.S. protected rocket-path areas.

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