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Year-End: The State of U.S.-China Relations

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In November 2023, Presidents Biden and Xi met to restore calm to U.S.-China relations. What matters now is whether the “San Francisco vision”‘s positive results will last until 2024. Before the conference, rising tensions in Taiwan and the South China Sea raised fears of war and disaster. Both leaders recognized that a U.S.-China conflict may cause economic upheaval, global issue resolution delays, and war.

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San Francisco Summit and Prospects for 2024

Responsibility for disagreements was stressed at the San Francisco conference to stop ties from deteriorating. Despite the competition, both leaders pledged to prevent conflict and maintain peace. Chinese drug prevention and military communications were among the summit’s modest results. Major policy reforms were not reached, leaving Taiwan, trade, and technology transfers unresolved and sustaining strategic competition between the nations.

In 2024, the Taiwan and South China Sea crises are possible. Taiwan’s de facto independence is risky, as a DPP-led cabinet might formalize it. Beijing’s sovereignty claims drive the South China Sea military infrastructure and territorial control issue. Due to Washington’s vow to fight Chinese “bullying.” a U.S.-allied conflict might grow.

Leaders agreed at the San Francisco conference, but the future difficulties require patience and prudence. Obstacles include territorial dispute escalation and military-industrial complex demands for aggressive competitiveness.

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U.S.-China Relations: Navigating Military Pressures for Peace

In the U.S. and China, powerful forces favoring more military spending foster distrust, increasing the likelihood of war if leaders become bellicose. A record defense policy bill in the U.S. emphasizes military preparedness against China.

These problems require Presidents Biden and Xi to reject hostile pressures. The expectation is that San Francisco crisis-management techniques and improved military communications can prevent big wars. Their ability to resolve conflicts, balance interests, and avoid war will be tested this year.

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