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Intrigue in Taiwan: Spying Allegations Urgent Security Concerns

FILE - A Taiwanese soldier holds a Taiwan national flag near a group of soldiers with red markings on their helmets to play the role of an enemy during the annual Han Kuang military exercises simulating an attack on an airfield at Taoyuan International Airport in Taoyuan, Northern Taiwan, Wednesday, July 26, 2023. Taiwan's defense ministry says Wednesday, Aug. 2, that it has detained an army officer and several collaborators on suspicion of handing military secrets to China. (AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying, File)

Spying suspicions have been made in Taiwan over a lieutenant colonel named Hsieh from the Aviation and Special Forces Command.

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Spying in Taiwan, Lieutenant Colonel’s Alleged Defection and CCP Infiltration

The Ministry of National Defense and Kaohsiung District Prosecutors’ Office discovered Hsieh’s plan to desert China. The CCP allegedly offered Hsieh US$15 million for his defection. The plan envisioned flying a CH-47F Chinook helicopter to the Chinese aircraft ship Shandong near the Taiwan Strait middle. Hsieh and his family were promised Thailand visas and a US$1 million to US$2 million investment if successful. Though it seemed like a spy movie storyline, this espionage scenario threatened Taiwan’s security and public trust.

Beyond Hsieh, the National Defense University’s Advanced Systems Engineering Research Center is suspected. The center, directed by associate professor Ger Ming-der, allegedly had CCP links. Ger is accused of creating a private corporation for technical cooperation with China, profiting from research, and endangering Taiwan’s intelligence. This incident emphasizes the need for serious national security measures.

CCP infiltration into Taiwan, especially through military routes, is a major worry. Infiltration and intelligence collection are difficult to detect. The success of such secret plans might damage Taiwan’s military reputation. The author suggests teaching patriotism and loyalty to address this issue. Corruption is reduced by fostering troops’ loyalty and patriotism.

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Enhancing Taiwan’s Counterintelligence Amid CCP’s Evolving Spy Warfare

Taiwan must quickly improve its counterintelligence as the CCP uses new intelligence and spy warfare. Adapting to these shifting threats is crucial since superior armament may not be enough if the attacker already knows performance parameters and deployment scenarios. A soldier swimming from Kinmen to China and a lieutenant colonel’s suspected co-opting highlight the need for a thorough investigation and counteraction against military communist spies. The military must eliminate these espionage dangers now.

Despite the CCP’s changing objectives, retired Air Force Lieutenant General and honorary emeritus professor Chang Yan-ting underlines the importance of safeguarding the military from espionage.

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