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Russia and China Alliance: China Helps Boost Russia’s War Effort

Russia and China Alliance. (Photo: Google)

Russia and China see sharp rise in Chinese exports with emphasis on fortification equipment, including excavators, for occupied Ukrainian territories.

Russia and China Alliance: Chinese provide Russia with Array of Goods –Some of them under sanctions. (Photo: Wall Street Journal)

Russia and China: China’s Ongoing Deliveries to Russian Arms Producers – Some Of Them Under Sanctions – Since The Beginning Of The Full-Scale War 

According to UKRAINSKA PRAVDA’s article, China’s trade with Russia has surged, reaching $134 billion in the first seven months of this year—a 36% rise from the previous year. Beijing’s supply to Russia includes items with military potential like microchips and trench excavation equipment.

Russia and china see remarkable 73% surge in chinese exports to russia amid 5% dip in china’s overall exports. China now comprises 45% to 50% of russian imports, addressing supply gaps caused by western sanctions. Chinese firms bridge the void with their products, ranging from electronics to consumer goods, profiting from the situation amidst economic challenges in china and reduced western demand.

Russia and China benefit from crucial technology transfer as Chinese firms supply computer chips and jet fighter components to Russia, indicating China’s role in mitigating sanctions. A year ago, Russian imports of Chinese earthmoving equipment spiked, potentially serving to build conflict-related fortifications in Ukraine.

The governor of Russia’s Sakhalin region even distributed Chinese-made excavators to troops in Ukraine. Also, Chinese car exports to Russia spiked significantly as European deliveries dwindled. In the initial half of this year, China managed to export more than 341,000 cars to Russia, a figure nearly six times larger than that observed during the corresponding period the previous year, further underlining the dynamic between Russia and China.

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Russia and China Economic Exchanges Gain Political Focus – Aided by State-Owned Enterprises Amid Fragile Dynamics

Russia and China trade links, driven by political motives and led by state-owned enterprises, show fragility, warns researcher Wan Qingsong. Private firms are hesitant due to limited gains, potentially hindering expansion without more investment. The trade surge, rooted in external crises, contrasts with historical political alignment against the West.

Joseph Torigian, an American University professor, notes trade’s recent acceleration, but warns of China’s challenge in deepening economic ties while appearing neutral in the Ukraine conflict.

Russia and China’s complex relationship is underscored by Beijing’s mediation efforts, which can be seen as conflicting with possible perceptions of supporting Russian aggression. This situation is ‘double-edged’, while striving to capitalize on economic trade benefits, China is equally cautious about preventing the trade partnership from being misinterpreted, particularly in Europe, where it might be construed as China directly facilitating Russian aggression.

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