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Discover Free Income Tax Preparation Resources Today!

Get Your Taxes Done for Free Income Tax with IRS Free File

Discover Free Income Tax Preparation Resources Today! (PHOTO: Zinner & Co.)

NBDCF News reported, during tax season lots of people spend money filing their taxes even though they might not need to. The IRS offers Free File which lets folks with incomes under $79,000 use certain software to file their taxes for free. If you don’t qualify for Free File you can still use the IRS’ free forms online though they don’t give as much help.

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Additional Free Income Tax Programs for Different Groups

Programs like VITA help people with incomes under $64,000 file their taxes for free. TCE is for folks aged 60 and up. They offer free help too. There’s also help for military members and some veterans through MilTax. If you need extra help you can visit an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center but they don’t file taxes for you.

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These options are there to help save money during tax time so make sure to check them out if you need help filing your taxes!

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